37 Week Bumpdate

Busy week this week!! We had a super busy weekend so the first few days of the week were kind of a recovery time for this exhausted mama. Saturday we went to a birthday party at the lake in the afternoon for a friend’s daughter and B had such a blast swimming! He didn’t want to leave! Then Saturday night we went to another friend’s house for a BBQ where we mingled with lots of friends until pretty late. B was surrounded by dogs and other kids his age so he was a happy camper! Then Sunday Roarke took over B duty so that I could go out and get all the decorating supplies I will be needing for the baby shower which is next Sunday!!

My awesome mother in law organized a “baby shower” back in our home state of Maine in order to get the families together and buy adorable baby things for baby O. They wrapped them all and they are currently in transit to our house. She wants the full baby shower experience so it fell on us to throw a small shower get together with our friends so that we can have fun and take pictures and open all the gifts. I can’t say that I am disappointed! I love planning and throwing parties so all this is right up my alley! We are having a co-ed BBQ shower and I’m really excited about decorating! I’ll share some pin-spiration that I’ve been working with but I don’t want to ruin all the surprises so you’ll just have to wait til after the shower to see how it all turned out!




37 weeks! 3 or less to go! I’m pretending there is no such thing as being overdue even though I was crazy late with B before they induced me! I don’t think any mom really hopes for a late delivery, because that would just be miserable! Baby O just needs to hold off til the 6th and then I will be walking and bouncing and eating pineapple galore trying to get this little boy out! Last night I was silly and sat with my legs dangling at our pub-height table for too long and my legs swelled right up! Whoops! Need to be careful about that! Anywho, here’s to a timely labor and delivery shortly but he just needs to wait until after the shower and until my mom gets here!! Happy Thursday!

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36 Week Bumpdate

Holy Moses! 36 weeks!! Only four weeks left to go! Two weeks from Sunday until the baby shower and three weeks from Friday until my mom arrives! So much going on to be super excited about!! Had another doctor’s appointment on Monday and everything is looking good! Baby O is measuring well and my midwife says that my weight gain is right on track and that everything appears to be chugging right along as it should which makes me one happy mama! I know that I have been slacking on keeping up with posts but my days seem to be insanely full and when I get a spare moment all I can manage to do is lie down and remind myself that I’m in the very last few weeks of pregnancy and that it’s okay to need to take it easy and move a few things lower down the list of priorities.

 photo (66)

That being said, here is a recap of what our week looked like! Remember how last week I told you I was headed to the new Joann Fabric to get some projecting stuff? Well I did and because they were having their grand opening weekend celebration, there were crazy sales and they were giving away gift cards to the first 100 customers each day! We went Thursday and missed out on the gift card so of course that meant we had to go back Friday! We met a friend there and waited in line for about 45 minutes in order to guarantee that we would get a gift card that time! It was only ten bucks but hey! That’s ten bucks less that I had to spend so I’ll take it! My friend went all three days and took her husband with her on Saturday so overall she got forty dollars’ worth of gift cards, that’s pretty sweet!! Anywho, I got the materials to make Baby O’s monster blanket as well as a car seat canopy and bought a bottle of Rit dye to attempt to dye my baby pink Moby wrap a lovely shade of blue. I have so far completed the monster blanket, cut out the material to make the canopy and am terrified to try dying!! I don’t know why it makes me nervous but for whatever reason I’m just scared I’m going to screw it up! Oh Well!

 photo (64)

Also this week we got a new friend! His name is Tyson and B loves him to death! I have his bowl sitting on our kitchen table and B will sit on the chair for hours and stare at him saying “fishy, fishy” over and over again!

 photo (63)

And then we got this gem during bath time!!

 photo (65)

Off to the grocery store today to restock our barren fridge! On the meal plan this week is a baked ham (so excited!) and gluten free pizza for Friday night!! Happy Thursday to you!!

35 Week Bumpdate

Whew! Back from vacation and just getting settled back into the normal routine! Definitely didn’t eat paleo while we were at the lake which is totally alright by me but I wanted to get back in the swing of things so this week’s grocery shop was a paleo-friendly one!

35 weeks today!! Only 5 more to go!! Holy moly!! I know that we are prepared enough but for some reason I just don’t feel particularly ready. I suppose it’s because with B I had my baby shower super early and I was really anxious to set everything up in his nursery so I was literally twiddling my thumbs waiting for him with nothing to do for the last few weeks! With baby O we are having a baby shower two weeks before my due date and I have yet to wash a single item of clothing or blankets or anything! Time sure does fly with your second pregnancy that’s for sure! Blink and you’ll miss it! Individual days and weeks can go by slowly but then all of a sudden you’re at the end wondering where the time went!

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All that being said, I have a few crafty projects that I want to do before baby O gets here so I better get a jump on them! Our town just opened up a new Joann Fabric Store (yay!!) so I am headed out this morning to gather supplies to complete a few fun things!

First thing is a car-seat canopy. I see them everywhere and they look super handy but I don’t really feel like paying for one when I can make one pretty easy. I found this tutorial here which looks pretty simple to follow!


B carries around a Cars themed blanket with him EVERYWHERE!! We call it his boo-boo because that is what my favorite blanket was called when I was little. We haven’t purchased any special blankets for baby O and his nursery theme is monsters. I haven’t really been able to find a plushy monster blanket anywhere so I figured it will be simple enough to just make it! I found this fantastic fleece pattern at Joann and the find in store function on their website says they have it at our local location so wish me luck!!

images (13)

I’ll post some pictures of my projects when they are completed, as well as give an awesome recap of our vacation and write up a post of my experience traveling with a toddler while almost 9 months pregnant!! Quite the to-do list coming at ya!! Have a fantastic Thursday!!

33 Week Bumpdate

Happy Thursday to you all!! B and I are running around town today doing  10 million errands to get us ready to fly out to Wisconsin Saturday morning! I am so excited to see all my family! Many of them have never even met B and the kid is almost three!! Needless to say it’s been a while! We have a camp on a lake so we are in for a week of swimming and soaking up some rays! It’s going to be a blessing to spend a week away from this miserable heat! It’s been in the 100’s and let’s just say it makes a preggo in third trimester quite miserable!!


33 weeks! Not going to lie and say that pregnancy isn’t taking its toll on me! I’ve been suffering from pretty severe sciatica on my left side which is incredibly painful and comes on completely out of nowhere. One minute I’ll be perfectly fine, the next I will feel lightning bolts down my entire left side and can barely stand up! Its pretty miserable. We had a checkup for Baby O yesterday and I talked to my midwife about this, she hooked me up with a fabulous belly belt to help take the pressure off as well as showed me some stretches I can do to relieve some of the pain and hopefully shift Baby O off the nerve.


I think the combination of the heat along with being this far along is making me more tired lately also. Well that and not really being able to get a full nights sleep due to frequent bathroom trips and not being able to get super comfy. Today all I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch movies but alas I had too much to accomplish!


I’ve also become completely aware of how frequently I need to be eating. I had two packets of organic gluten free oatmeal for breakfast and then was out running errands with B and literally two and a half hours later I felt like I was going to pass out from hunger!!! Baby O needs tons of nourishment and at this stage he is letting me know it!!


Sorry, lots of ranting this week, I promise I’m not really a miserable human being! I love feeling him toss and turn in there and seriously cant wait to meet him!!! 7 weeks or less!!! My mom is officially coming out on the 5th of September so he has to hold on at least until then!!!

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Traveling with Tots

This week is a crazy one for sure leading up to our first plane trip together! I’ve flown tons in my life so I am fully familiar with the whole air travel process, but traveling with toddler will be something totally different and I am not going to lie that I am definitely nervous! Sure, B has been on some really long road trips (4 days to move from Maine to Oklahoma!!) and he has done perfectly fine, but a plane is a whole different story! Since my brain is in full on prep for travel mode I figured I would share some tips for traveling with toddlers! Hopefully they will come in handy and I’ll share what worked and what didn’t when we return!!


Make it Fun:

Traveling should be a fun experience for all involved. That being said, it makes sense for a toddler to have a bag of fun all of their own! I got B this adorable Cars backpack at Target today and he could not be more excited about it! I think it will make the flight more exciting since he has his own special bag for his toys and snacks! That also frees up some room in my carryon for other important items (hello magazines!)

 picstitch (6)

He was running so fast I couldn’t get a good shot!

Entertain, Entertain, And Entertain:

Kids need to be constantly mentally stimulated to make it through a long flight seated. Thank goodness ours is a 2 hour long direct flight so I don’t have to try too hard but I still want to make it seamless. I loaded a few new things onto his LeapPad, an episode of Sesame Street and Wallace and Grommet: The Wrong Trousers as well as a new animal app so that he can play to his hearts content! The shows alone make up the 2 hours so hopefully they will be distraction enough! On top of that he will have a bunch of toys and books in his special bag if the LeapPad gets boring!

photo (60)

Car seat:

I’ve been toying with what to do with B’s car seat for a while now. I think that if they aren’t going to give me troubles then I’ll try to bring the seat on the plane. Since we don’t have any layovers I’m not too worried about the extra time it takes to get the seat in and out. I’ve read a lot of tips that suggest that this is the best method because toddlers are familiar with this seat and it’s more comfortable not to mention safer. Also, since they are used to being in the seat for an extended period of time (4 day road trips!) so they will be less likely to try to get down. Also, FAA regulations states that the car seats need to be in the window seat to prevent difficulties of other passengers needing to get past the seat. This also lets your toddler get a nice view out the window!


These Tips Here:

Delicious Baby has a ton of experience flying with her little’s and she shares her most helpful in flight tips. I’ll be sure to give them a shot, especially the ice cube one!


And These Tips Here:

Jaunted has their top ten tips for flying with babies and toddlers which was helpful. I also found it helpful to read the comments following the post.


So, there we go. Wish us luck, I’m sure we will need it! I’ll be sure to report back with a full recap of what worked and what didn’t. We leave Saturday and I’m slowly but surely feeling mildly prepared.


I’m a control freak. I know it’s true but I often have a hard time admitting it to myself. I like the way that I do things and I don’t want them done any other way. This can often become problematic, mostly in my personal relationships. Being a control freak also makes it hard for me to relax and enjoy the little things in life because I am too busy looking for ways to make it perfect. This is becoming increasingly apparent to me as I prepare to leave for a week long vacation with B. Roarke is staying behind to work and I cannot make my brain shut off about ways to “control” the home situation even when I am not at home.. My lists are endless with tasks to be completed before I leave so that he doesn’t have to cook or clean while I am gone. The way I figure it I guess is that if he doesn’t have the option or need to cook or clean than I’ll come back to a house that’s relatively the way I left it with my financial budget the way I left it.


Wake up Greta!!!!! He is a 24 year old man who has lived on his own before. He is capable of keeping a budget and capable of at minimum cooking basic foods. He will survive without you for 8 days and your house will not be in pieces when you return. Sure, it might need a deep clean but he’s not going to burn it down! You can do everything you possibly can to get him set up before you go but at the end of the day he chooses how he will spend his time and you need to trust that he’s going to do just fine.


I need to be in the moment. I need to enjoy life as it happens and try to worry less about the distant future. When I am ranting about the possibilities of the future Roarke always asks me “What color do you want the bathroom walls to be painted when we are 60?” He’s right. That sounds totally ridiculous and then I step back and think about what I was just trying to plan and realize that I sounds just as ridiculous. Stressing about the future makes you unable to enjoy the present.


So this is the advice I am giving myself today. Be in the moment. Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. These are the memories that make up a lifetime and I sure as hell don’t want to be at the end of it realizing that I missed it because I was too busy stressing what was coming next! That being said, I will still complete my ten million lists before I leave Saturday and I will prep all of Roarke’s meals and I will deep clean the house because hey! I’m human and I’m a work in progress!! But I am going to do my damnedest to enjoy my vacation while I am on it and not stress about all the things I need to do once I get home! Happy Tuesday Everyone!

32 Week Bumpdate

photo (59)

32 Weeks!!!! So…Let’s talk labor! With B, labor was, well, hard. I was 9 days overdue when they decided they wanted to induce me. I went to the hospital at 7pm on a Thursday evening and when they hooked me up to the monitors they showed that I was already contracting and that they were too close together to induce me. They decided to wait a while to see if they would calm down and then after a few hours they gave me a small dose of cytotec to kick of my labor. Man did it ever!! I was resting relatively comfortably when all of a sudden I felt terrible pain, and it was all downhill from there! The contractions came on fast and furious and I couldn’t get on top of them no matter how hard I tried! I was in so much blinding pain that I decided to take the epidural and they had to give me a shot of pain meds to get me to be able to sit still long enough to even get the epidural because I was in so much pain and my contractions were coming right on top of one another.

Once I was numb from the waist down and it was time to push, I couldn’t feel anything and they told me to “push when I felt the need to” Hello!! I couldn’t feel ANYTHING! How am I supposed to know when to push?! So I pushed, and pushed, and pushed constantly because I wanted nothing less than getting this baby OUT! It wasn’t working because I wasn’t pushing at the right time so they finally had a nurse watch the monitor and press on my belly and tell me when I needed to push. Needless to say after that experience I was a total mess “down there”. My recovery was incredibly painful and looking back on it all I really don’t think it was necessary for it to be that way. I imagine that if I’d waited another day or so that I would have gone into labor naturally and would have potentially had a better experience. C’est la vie!!!

This time around I am really hoping for natural labor and delivery. I have been doing my research and have been doing my best to keep myself healthy and fit throughout this pregnancy to be able to handle natural labor. Roarke and I have talked extensively about my desires to go through labor naturally and he is totally on board. With only eight weeks left until baby O’s due date, I’ll admit that I am getting pretty nervous, but I need to keep telling myself that I am a strong woman and I can do anything I put my mind to!

I’ve gathered up a couple articles written by mama’s who have labored naturally and they give their tips and tricks! Hope it’s helpful for any mama or mama to be who is considering laboring naturally!

  1. Wellness Mama: Natural Birth Options and Tips

I LOVED this article! Katie is a doula and shares a ton of really valuable factual information about medicated birthing and the risks of it as well as sharing a lot of tips for natural medication during labor! She totally rocks!

  1. Scary Mommy: Unmedicated Childbirth Survival Tips

Samantha is hilarious!! She sheds natural childbirth in a rather amusing and very real light. There is no B.S. with this lady, she tells it like it is! Her tips are legit though!

  1. The Humbled Homemaker: 9 Natural Pain Management Techniques for Labor

Erin shares her experience with natural childbirth after having her first birth medicated! I love the tips she shared and will most definitely be implementing many of them!

Hopefully in a few weeks I can share a post with you about my tips and tricks and what I found helpful to make it through natural labor! Keeping my fingers crossed!

photo (58)

32 Weeks, feeling very pretty today!

Weekly Eats

Hello all! How’s your Wednesday going? Ours has been a busy one already! We’ve been to playgroup and to the grocery store to stock up for the week! Roarke and I have been trying to stick to a pretty tight budget and that can be really hard with wanting to eat as paleo as possible. We often find that after groceries and gas for the week that there isn’t all that much fun money left over. I’ve been trying really hard to come up with weekly meal plans that are paleo but can stretch a budget. This week was super successful so I figured I’d share our loose plan with you!

photo (57)
Wednesday: Burgers with sweet potato fries
I was going to originally make turkey burgers but they were all out of ground turkey at the store (bummer!) so I made a quick switch!
Thursday: Leftover Fried Rice that I made yesterday.
Our modified paleo diet allows us to eat whole grain wild rice so I whipped up a giant batch of chicken and bacon fried rice. Yummo! I was going to originally make it with cauliflower instead of rice to be perfectly paleo but the cauliflower last week was SO expensive and the heads were super tiny so I passed.
Friday: Homemade pizza using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust.
The package makes two 12” crusts so I am going to make a ham and pineapple one and a bbq chicken one! We don’t use cheese so we try to pick awesome flavors to make up for the lack of cheese!
Saturday: Grilled Pork Chops with Grilled Veggies Skewers.
Pork chops are amazing and super cheap! I love to just season them a bit with salt, pepper and garlic powder and then toss them on the grill, they are tasty! I’m going to make the veggie skewers with red onion, red and green peppers and mushrooms!
Sunday: Paleo Chicken Pot Pie
I found the recipe for this here. I’m really excited to make this one!!
Monday: Grilled Pork Chops with Corn on the Cob
I know that paleo technically doesn’t allow corn, but the way I figure it, as long as I’m not eating high fructose corn syrup, I’ll be A-OK! Nothing in the world is tastier than a nice piece of corn on the cob and it’s straight off the plant so what really makes it that much worse than other veggies?!
Tuesday: Leftover Chicken Pot Pie

Breakfast: Usually pretty random around here. Roarke asked me to make granola this week so Ill do that at some point. We often eat eggs and fruit, Roarke enjoys bananas and I love grapefruits and oranges!
Lunch: Roarke takes the same lunch to work every day. Boring I know but it works for him! He has a can of tuna with hot sauce, carrot sticks and celery with sunflower butter, an apple and a package of almonds. I am slightly more random but I generally end up with some sort of salad with deli meat on it.
Snacks: We always keep a big jar of mixed nuts in the house to make trail mix. I am also making a pumpkin banana bread today which should be super tasty!!

Well there ya have it! I spent about $150 for three people for the week, not too shabby! Paleo enough for us and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!!

31 Week Bumpdate

I love Thursdays! Knowing that I can cross another week off the baby waiting calendar is one of my favorite things and knowing that we are that much closer to meeting our little boy! This week was especially fun with Roarke being on vacation. We took our maternity photos and they came out great!!! Baby O is moving constantly which is very different from how B was in the womb. I literally would have to poke at my belly to get B to move around but Baby O is a mover and a shaker!! He also has taken up residence underneath my right ribcage and as much as I try to force him to move, he always returns to the same spot!! What a little stinker!! My belly looks constantly lopsided because of this fact and Roarke gets freaked out when my belly moves like Alien…I think it’s funny!!

We are slowly but surely getting things together in baby O’s nursery space and I have had some undeniable bouts of nesting kick in lately. The other day I brought out all of B’s old clothes from 3 months up to 18 months and organized them into three separate bins by size and type of clothing so that when baby O moves into that size the clothes will be easy access!! I know it’s nesting when I still have basically zero desire to do basic cleaning tasks such as dishes or vacuuming but I have the overwhelming urge to organize things!! It’s great but also exhausting which makes me even less motivated to clean the house as normal. Oh well!

Third trimester is in full swing and I’m feeling generally exhausted and uncomfortable most of the time. It definitely doesn’t help that its been in the triple digits here lately! I’ve also been getting really nauseous, mostly in the evenings. I’m not sure if I am dehydrated or if it’s just that baby O is getting to big for his home but it’s not so much fun!

Enough complaining though! I’m really looking forward to heading to Wisconsin soon to hang out with my family and then hopefully my mom will be here in the beginning of September while we wait anxiously for Baby O’s arrival!! We are in the single digit weeks countdown!! Hooray!!

photo (51)

Here’s a few of my favorite shots from our maternity photo shoot!!

DSCN34232 DSCN3418 DSCN34245 DSCN3404 DSCN34014